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About Us

Progressive Care is a well established national provider of care and support packages for children, young people and adults. The packages of care and interventions provided range from residential homes for children and adults; to providing supported assistance to individuals within communities, in the form of floating and bridging support. The organisation also benefits from its own supervised contact centre.

Progressive Care is furthermore a leading UK provider of specialist services for families, which includes sophisticated and highly equipped family assessment centres with the latest CCTV technology, to monitor and support parents with their children in a safe and realistic environment.

History & Experience

Progressive Care is an independent and private sector organisation, established in 1998. The organisation encompasses a myriad of services, facilities and interventions that can be accessed by a wide range of individuals who may require help and support with aspects of their life.

We deliver person centred and bespoke packages of care within our homes, centres and communities, across the country. Progressive Care are proud to be specialists in providing out of borough placements to children, young people and families from local authorities all over the United Kingdom and have worked tirelessly to ensure individualised and tailored packages of care are provided to these vulnerable groups. Progressive Care also takes pride in the strong ties and relationships we have built up with many host local authorities around our central hub of operations in South Yorkshire and the North West.

Progressive Care’s experience and achievements in providing tailored and bespoke packages of care since 1998 has led to a wealth of knowledge cascaded throughout the organisation that promotes a caring and nurturing culture, resulting in exceptional levels of care facilitated by an enthusiastic, highly talented and trained staff team.

Our Team

Progressive Care is firmly of the belief that every individual member of staff employed by the organisation is integral and fundamental to our continued success and progression within the care industry. It is because of this belief that we place a real emphasis on recruiting the right people to represent us, and furthermore supporting and training these individuals to the highest standard.

Progressive Care employs over 250 people, who we are proud to represent our organisation. Each individual contributes in providing and ensuring continuity of care, structure and stability to all service users throughout the organisation. Each also has the ability to promote our philosophy of positive reinforcement and quality of care to all.

‘Devoted’ Team Leaders, Senior Support Workers and Support Workers

Every single member of staff within the organisation encompasses an exceptionally caring, nurturing and compassionate nature at their very core. Each member of staff has on commencement of employment immediate access to training leading to qualifications in social care. Through this training, and their caring and compassionate nature, Senior Support Workers and Support Workers are at the very heart of the organisation in promoting stability for service users and helping them to achieve positive outcomes.

Team leaders are vastly experienced within care settings and are able to transfer this experience to supporting Senior Support Workers, Support Workers and the homes Registered Manager. Team leaders are an essential component of the organisation in supervising the levels of care which service users receive and actively liaising with all professionals within the multidisciplinary team to ensure that all service users benefit from joined up thinking, and a truly adopted multidisciplinary approach.

‘Talented’ Managers and Service Managers

The majority of our managers have begun their careers with Progressive Care as Support Workers, or in other areas of the organisation, and have progressed and worked their way up to management.

Managers are therefore able to reflect an ethos of progression and continued professional development to their teams, and furthermore cascade this across their services, inspiring and empowering all of their staff to develop and progress within the organisation.

Progressive Care is proud of how talented our managers are and the positive outcomes and person centred packages of care they direct and facilitate within their homes.

‘Committed’ Managing Director

Progressive Care’s owner and Managing Director, Shabir Ali, is at the very foundations of the organisation. Shabir has dedicated the last 18 years to building an organisation from the ground up, and providing services for those individuals most in need of care and support.

Shabir opened the doors to his first care home in 2000, and has since substantially expanded the organisation and developed many services across all levels and specialities of the care and support industry, ensuring his organisation is able to provide direct care, intervention and support to as many individuals as possible across the country.

Shabir is passionate about the care industry and helping others, and this is what personally motivates him and inspires him to continue to drive forward the organisation each day.

‘Experienced’ Heads of Department

Due to the size and span of Progressive Care, the organisation also has specialist in house departments. These dedicated departments include Human Resources, Training, Compliance and Quality Assurance, Finance, Design, Business Support and own very own Facilities Team.

All of these specialised departments are led and managed by experienced Heads of Department to ensure the organisation is on a sound footing and furthermore is thriving in every area. These departments also provide an invaluable method of support for all staff, especially our Registered Managers.

Progressive Care has a dedicated referrals team that managers new referrals to the organisation on an independent basis, completing objective matching and placing assessments to assess suitability on initial point of referral, thus ensuring fairness and equality for all service users.

The organisation further benefits from a specialist Therapeutic Team that is led by a team of experts to ensure service users can access and benefit from therapeutic intervention, at the very point of need.

Services We Provide

Progressive Care prides itself on providing innovative, high quality and seamless person centred services, where we are committed to ensuring the best possible care and support is facilitated, through stability, structure and continuity.

Our environments are both safe and stimulating and incorporate highly trained multidisciplinary staff.

Our services include:

  • Residential Care for Children, Young People and Adults
  • Family Residential Services
  • Supported Living Services
  • Supervised Contact Centres
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Personal Care and Outreach
  • Therapeutic services

Services users and servicers user rights come first. The range of services the organisation provides promote the following:

  • Stability and structure
  • Respect and dignity
  • Independence
  • Empowerment through consultation
  • Equality, diversity, opportunity and choice

The support we provide is based on a thorough assessment of the individuals’ needs and the systematic process of care planning, informed by local and national guidance and legislation, and through extensive consultation with the service user and their families.

Our Vision Statement, Values & Aims

At Progressive Care we have many values at our core that has helped us create and maintain our culture of nurturing intervention within the care sector, and furthermore inform our approach to supporting those in need. These values are underpinned by our vision statement, and facilitated by our organisational specific aims.

Our Vision Statement

‘To consistently provide and deliver the highest standards and packages of care and support to children, young people, adults and families in ensuring they are safeguarded and have their individual needs identified and met. Each of these individuals programs of care is to be led through consultation, and further informed by extensive care and risk management planning.

Progressive Care will seek to empower all service users to be placed at the very centre of the care they receive, and furthermore be encouraged, and given the autonomy, to shape this care.’

Our Values

  • ‘Invest in people’. Investing in and supporting individuals to reach their full potential.
  • ‘Be Person Centred’. Putting people and service users first, is at our core.
  • ‘Consultation’. Involve, listen and learn from all service users.
  • ‘Independence’. Promoting social justice, independence and choice.
  • ‘Equality and diversity’. Consistently championing fairness, ensuring service users are cared for and treated, with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Our aims

  • ‘Employ a quality workforce’. Ensuring we have only the most caring, qualified and experienced members of staff working for Progressive Care, each with the ability to motivate and inspire those around them.
  • ‘Work in partnership’. Partnership working with local authorities, government agencies and other professionals to ensure personalised services are achieved through a multidisciplinary approach.
  • ‘Focus on outcomes’. Ensuring we are an outcome driven service were the ‘experiences and progress’ of service users is fundamental to our success.
  • 'Excellent every time’. Ensure quality service delivery with consistency and continuity regardless of who is delivering it – whilst personalities many differ, standards and quality should not.
  • ‘Never stop learning’. Establish a culture of learning and seek to be creative and innovative in providing care and support.

It is our vision statement, organisational values and aims that underpin every aspect of our practice and assist in ensuring we remain a respected provider of care services.




FOUNDATIONS (UK00002452698), PATHWAYS, PATH WAY and PATHWAY (UK00002449776) are all registered trade marks operated by Progressive Care Limited under licence from Shabir Ali.