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"Ex-resident T called by Woodside to say hi to staff and have a catch-up.

T said she was doing really well and it was great to see everyone again."


Progressive Care, Foundations - Family Services Staff Member

"Ex-resident J popped in to say hello to everyone today. J said that he missed all the staff. He also dropped in to say hello to one of the residents whom he had become great friends with"


Progressive Care, Foundations - Family Services Staff Member

" I am a PA for one of the young residents currently staying with you. The staff really care about his well-being and future. They communicate well with him despite the language barrier and always give me regular updates, which helps to make everyone feel part of the team that’s helping this young person. I am very impressed, please keep up the good work"


PA - Local Authority

"J, I had my supervision at work this morning and I was telling my manager about how supportive you had been with the resident C.H. She mentioned that she had previously heard good reports and was heartened that Young People are getting the help and support they need in their tenancies. I just want to say thanks to you and your team for all the work you do."


P.A - Local Authority

"Ex-resident C who lived at one of our residencies back in 2003 dropped by to see how everyone was doing. Although he stated that back then, it wasn’t the best of times for him personally, he did have fond memories of  the staff and how they helped him throughout his time there."


Progressive Care, Foundations - Family Services Staff Member

" J, I had my supervision at work this morning and I was telling my manager about how supportive you had been with the resident C.H. She mentioned that she had previously heard good reports and was heartened that Young People are getting the help and support they need in their tenancies. I just want to say thanks to you and your team for all the work you do."


P.A - Local Authority

"The Centre has gone above and beyond the call of duty for this resident.

Previously, he didn’t know anyone and his knowledge of the language was very limited.

However, he has now enrolled on a course at the Local College and is very,

very happy. Staff communication has been great"


Social Worker - Local Authority

"The communication between staff and school is always spot on and the joint work in supporting XXX back to school has shown great teamwork and effort from both parties"


Learning Mentor - Local School

"Just wish to say thank you to the staff team for the lovely welcome given to our young person.

The 'welcome' balloons and package was a brilliant touch.

I have not seen this level of welcome in previous residential placements"


Social Worker - Local Authority

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your support and the experiences

I have gained whilst at Pathways"

Staff Member - Pathways

" I have just finished my last shift and just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me in this job. You are a really good management team and I've honestly felt so supported whilst working here. Thank you for believing in me when I didn't even believe in myself!"


Staff Member - Pathways

" Just a note to say congratulations to the managers and staff at Pathways. All their residents have now successfully completed their 'ASDAN Living Independently' qualifications and a new resident has already completed five activities in less than a week - Brilliant"


Education Manager, Progressive Care

" A massive thank you for all the support with getting E into college once he had finished all his qualifications with the Education Team. I know that this was a massive and brave step for him to take and having Support Worker S attend the appointments and open day with him will have made all the difference in the world. I understand that she made sure he was well prepared and organised and that as a result of her liaison with the college he has the support in place that he needs"


Education Manager, Progressive Care

"I'm a social worker in the Local Authority and during my first year in practice, I have worked with a young person who is residing at one of their care Homes in Sheffield. The young person in question was placed there as it was identified as an appropriate provision to meet their needs. Being a semi-independent living provision with staff there 24 hours it offers a range of in-house support which includes, education, therapeutic sessions, social activities, and independent living skills. 


My experience of the placement has been very positive, all the staff have been welcoming, polite, and professional both during my visits and when we have held meetings there. I receive weekly reports outlining the individual's events. This includes any incidents or concerns which may need to be highlighted and if there is anything urgent there has been contact by phone and email regularly.


As a social worker, I have also recently had experience of their Mother and Baby Assessment Unit in Sheffield and would recommend the services of Progressive Care".


Newly Qualified Social Worker - Local Authority

I went to one of your sites for a Q&A visit.

The staff had great knowledge and experience and were very welcoming.


Local Authority Commissioning Officer.

“To everyone at Progressive Care, Thank you for everything you did for D and me.

You are all really nice and friendly and made us feel comfortable during contact sessions.

I will keep you informed on D's progress as you have seen him grow up from being 6 weeks old.“

Service User



“To all contact workers & all the drivers. Thank you for all your support and advice,

it has paid off, as L will be returning home. Thank you so much I really appreciate it.”

Service User



"We would like to thank you very much for the care you gave G in her contact.

It has been really nice working with you.”

Service User



“To all staff at Progressive Care, we want to thank you for all the support you have given us.

You have been there from when our son was newborn and now 8 months on you watched him grow into the handsome little boy he is today. We couldn’t thank you all enough for what the staff have done for our family, to bring us back together. We will keep you updated on our progress ]and hope to visit you all again to say a quick hello.”

Service User



“Thank you for the care you have shown in helping with J.”

P.A. - Local Authority



“Keep up the good work! A really good Contact Centre to come to.”

Service User 



“The staff are so friendly & respectful & treat me really good. Hats off to them for what they do!”

Abbeyfield Service User



“The Staff at Progressive Care work very hard to please everyone and work great as a team.”


Social Worker - Local Authority



"I found the policies and procedures are being adhered to and that all Ofsted requirements

have been met. The unit is very well maintained and all staff I met today were very

helpful and accommodating. They provided all the files I requested with everything

being well documented and organised. All in all a very good visit with great staff.

I look forward to visiting again in the future.”


Local Authority Placement Service

“To all the staff at Abbeyfield. I want to say a big thank you for all the time, effort, commitment and care you have given to this mother during her stay. I honestly do not think you could have done anymore and you gave her the best possible chance to learn to be a good mum. Unfortunately, she was unable to make the grade, but it was not for lack of persistence on your part. I wish you all the best and many thanks again.” 


Social Worker - Local Authority

Abbeyfield has changed our lives a hell of a lot for the better, it has given us the opportunity and tools to have a solid chance at being a family. Abbeyfield is a very friendly environment and staff are very good at letting us know what is happening and when. Abbeyfield has been a pleasant experience, we have really enjoyed it and it has given us the chance to be with our baby. Abbeyfield gives parents the opportunity to be better parents.


Abbeyfield Service Users

“The provision you provided for a family I was involved in was critical for the family in order for them to develop their independent living skills. The family was supported, enabling them to successfully manage a tenancy of their own. I believe your provision played a vital role in supporting the family and reducing the risks of further social care involvement, ensuring that the family remained together. As a result of your provision, the family is now able to manage family life independently and has now been closed to children's social care. I believe without your provision the family would have remained in crisis so thank you so much for your hard work.” 

Social Worker, Local Authority


Abbeyfield Service User

"To all staff at Abbeyfield  - Thank you for all your support help and guidance.

You are all loved in unique ways. We will miss you all and I'm sure you'll miss my gob!

All our Love A, R, and L  Good luck in everything you do".


Abbeyfield Service User

"Thank you for my opportunity and for giving me the chance.

You have been amazing and I'll never forget you all. Keep the dream team going"

Abbeyfield Service User

"Thanks all at Abbeyfield nothing was too much for the young person that I was supporting even if she does not realise this herself. I would recommend your unit. Many thanks".


Social Worker - Local Authority

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